Fancy Mice

I am a hobby breeder of fancy mice based in Norfolk, in the United Kingdom. I breed all my mice with the intentions of showing, and aim to attend as many shows across the country each year as possible. I am a member of the National Mouse Club, the UK's main club established in 1895 for the purposes of showing fancy mice. I am also a member of the London & Southern Counties Mouse and Rat Club, a regional club centered on the same principles and offering further shows to enter, for both mice and rats.

I began breeding in 2018, after nearly two decades of keeping mice as pets and being fascinated by the beauty of show mice. I breed for self black, seal point siamese, dutch in black and a handful of texel in blue and silver. All mice I breed are for the purposes of my hobby only - which is showing mice.​ With each generation I hope to see an improvement to the last and animals better selected towards the standard of excellence in both colour, type and health. 

It is rare that I will have spare mice available, particularly to pet homes, but if you are interested you can contact me. The vast majority of mice I breed are kept back to breed, show, or both.

If you are interested in breeding and showing your own mice, you should join the NMC at the earliest opportunity and begin learning - members are very approachable and helpful!

Please note, I also have a Facebook page that I aim to post pictures on whenever I get the opportunity. 


Texel Mice

The vast majority of mice I breed are show mice - mice bred to match the standard and to compete on the show bench. However, I also breed texels, which are unstandardised and cannot be shown except in special classes. Texels are a particular passion of mine and I am eager to improve them and hope that one day they can achieve a standard.

Texels have long, curly coats that look their best at around 5 weeks, before slowly relaxing as the mouse ages to end up with a shaggy looking coat. I am using my efforts to select and breed individuals that hold their coat in the best shape for the longest time possible.


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